We are Malta’s #1 when it comes to variety of fresh pasta and
seafood dishes. We love to cook and we are proud to serve good food, because a
happy customer is the greatest satisfaction for us!

We update our menu regularly to always take advantage of fresh products delivered by our trusted suppliers. 

How we are the best? Discover more about our preparation process.


La cozza infuriata is a long awaited dream of two friends, Alessio and Riccardo, professional chefs who studied the art of cooking in Rome. They came to Malta in 1998 and started out as a small restaurant, serving high-quality pasta and seafood dishes. Soon it became obvious that people really appreciate a good plate of pasta and fresh seafood, the place is too small to keep up with it.

Restaurant was moved to a bigger premises and, along the way, gained talented staff.

Today La cozza infuriata has 5 dedicated chefs and numerous qualified staff, always happy to help and guide you through the menu and offered services.

Watch how the dream has evolved into a world famous La cozza infuriata. This was made possible through our world famous pasta recipes!



Sara Chef

Sara joined our team in 2015. She followed cooking courses by the greatest chefs in UK and returned to Malta shortly after obtaining her degree. She is our expert when it comes to trying out new tastes and introducing new flavours.

Christoph Chef

Christoph has been onboard with us from the very beginning of our venture. No one is as passionate about pasta as he, and probably, no one is as good. You can watch him during preparation and cooking process, he loves to have an audience, answer questions and give tips.

Chefs team

Apart from main chefs, we are lucky to have professional and dedicated team, who not only work great together but also accomplishes wonders every single day. They are always happy to help you and explain how each dish is prepared and what combinations of ingredients work best together.

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